Caring for your xVV Meditation Pillow

We source the highest quality U.S. grown, buckwheat hulls for our xVV Meditation Pillows.

Buckwheat hulls can't get wet, as they will get soggy and break down. If you happen to get them damp, empty hulls into a dry container and place in the sun to dry out. 

Buckwheat hulls naturally break down over time and will need to be rejuvenated with fresh hulls so your pillow stays nice and lofty. Check out our 2.5lb refill bags of buckwheat hulls! 

Cleaning your xVV Meditation Pillow Case

  • Under the handle you will find a zipper.

  • Unzip and empty buckwheat hulls before washing cover (we suggest emptying into a large, clean, and dry container).

  • Wash cover by hand or machine wash on delicate.

  • Tumble dry low, or lay flat to dry.

  • Refill buckwheat hulls into case using a cup or scoop.